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10/10/2018 4:37 pm  

Hi, please help me. On last August my brother involved in an accident with myvi car and at that time my brother holding L license instead of P. It my brother fault since he the one that lost his control. My question are:

1) Are we not valid to claim own damage if the driver hold L license event though our car insured under Comprehensive cover? Today, we received reply letter from insurance to inform that they cannot proceed the claim due to Unlicensed Driver. 

2) In what condition, Compulsory Excess or Endorsement 2F will be applied?

3) Myvi car has declared under total loss. She plan to claim the third party damage and may be still in process since our insurance did not receive their application so far. In this situation, can our insurance cover the Liability to myvi car  since they reject OD claim? Under which term that can make this claim rejected?

Since this first time involve in an accident, we totally clueless about the claim. 

Thanks for your time

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19/10/2018 5:20 pm  

Dear Casio,

below our take on the questions. 

1) If you say L license and you mean Learner's Driving License, then it is true that the own damage is not covered. You are only permitted to drive "cars displaying L plate owned by driving schools under the supervision of a driving school instructor". 

Check the

2) It is the same and will be applied.

3) Talk to your insurance agent and go through the car insurance policy. It is hard to say, because we do not know your insurance company. It is most likely that your insurance company will reject the liability claim on the basis that the driver did not have a valid driving license. This means that the myvi owner will need to get the money directly from you. The myvi owner can go to court to sue you or you settle outside of court. 



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