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Charging an Underage Driver With No Driving License 1 Month After Accident  


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A month ago, on 10 November 2017, an underage driver with no valid driving license hit my car and caused an accident. I was able to get his IC number and details and went to the police station to report the accident. But, in the report, I have not mentioned this underage driver that was at fault. I also claimed my own insurance for the repairs. This is because the driver promised to compensate my loss after the repairs.


But, he did not live up the promise, and after many attempts trying to contact him and his family, I was not able to get my compensation. Therefore, I have decided to take action against this underage driver. But, the accident was a month ago, will it still be valid to file a report to the police now, and charge this underage driver? ]

My current insurance company is RHB Bank.

The car which hit me, its number plate is WXF8111.



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